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@ 04/28/2017
Transgender population in Pakistan is facing stigma and discrimination being a third gender and having trans-gender identity, while the HIV/AIDS stigma is making the transgender population prone in the society with increasing risk of discrimination and stigmatization. In 35% of countries more than 50% of Cis-gendered population has shown discriminatory attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS. The prejudices and abuse towards trans-population living with HIV/AIDS can be reduced through legislative steps towards stigma free access to health services and awareness programs among grass-root community to reduce the negative attitude of Cis-gender population. Currently in Pakistan Transgender population is on the run to legislate for their basic rights of food, shelter, communal violence, security, employment and property rights. Where the issue of legislation for access to stigma free health services regarding HIV/AIDS seems a far reality in the state to provide them a space in society on non-discriminatory basis.

Lateef Khan:
@ 11/13/2017
your awareness activities are appreciable .This will secure our society from HIV and Aids

Lateef Khan:
@ 11/13/2017
Life Is Beautiful.and your efforts will keep the beauty ...

@ 04/18/2018
Kindly provide booklet to distribute in transgender community of swat and nearby areas.

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